CQC (Care Quality Commission)

Updated on 12th April 2016 at 9:32 am


Please see below link to our CQC provider status: –


Care Quality Commission (CQC) are a body who are independent regulators of all health and social care services in England.  They check that people get good, safe health and social care that meets rules that have been set by the government and cover all services provided by hospitals, GP surgeries, dentists, ambulance services, care homes, and services provided within people’s homes. Please see the leaflet on our website which will give more information regarding the CQC.

The practice is checked by the CQC by ensuring that we are registered and our premises and services are good enough to meet government standards.  We have to provide a statement of purpose.  This is a document which include set standards that is  information required about the services that we provide.

Our Statement of Purpose describes:

• Our aims and objectives in providing our services.

• The kinds of services we provide.

• The health or care needs the practice sets out to meet.

• The locations of where our premises are actually provided from.

• Details about our practice, which includes our legal status, and the manager(s), including the ‘address for service’ for all registered persons.